The production program

Company Maros spol. s.r.o. produces 87 kinds of meat products in various modifications of the pack. All products are suitable for gluten-free diet in addition to white and dark rice sausage and baked meatloaf.

Our goal is, whether with traditional or innovative products satisfy customer requirements while taking account of trends in healthy food.

Manufacture of jointed and production meat

The company produces pork, beef and poultry cutting meat. Supplied either bulk in crates, packed in shrinkable film or boneless meat can also be vacuum-packed.

Manufacture of meat products

We produce 9 commodity groups meat products namely soft meat products,, salted meats, durable heat-treated meat products, durable heat-treated meat products, cooked meat products, baked meat products,, smoked and thermally processed bacon and other meat products.

These products are stuffed into natural or synthetic packages. They are supplied either in bulk or packed in vacuum or in protective atmosphere gas, which provides consumers long shelf-life quality.

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